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Osypka AG

OSYPKA AG was founded 1977 by Dr. Ing. Peter Osypka in Loerrach, Germany.

The company features a very high level of vertical integration – its medical device products are designed, developed and manufactured from raw materials with a wealth of over 100 in-house technologies and production processes. The well established and innovative medical products are sold under the OSYPKA brand name, and are also offered as contract manufactured products for international device companies.

Катетеры для абляции

Osypka Cerablate Easy

Ablation Catheters

Cerablate® easy / Cerablate® easy TC

Steerable RF Ablation and Mapping Catheter

with integrated Temperature Sensor

CERABLATE® easy is a steerable ablation catheter designed for radiofrequency ablation of cardiac tachyarrhythmias. With its 4mm platinum tip and its precise steering mechanism it is ideally suited both for standard and complex ablations.

Special Features:
- Superior handling characteristics
- Precise, smooth movement of the curve setting
- Excellent torque control
- Optimal curve stability
- Very good x-ray visibility
- Excellent temperature response
- Compatible with all commonly available radio frequency
  generators for cardiac arrhythmia ablation

Technical Data:
- 7F Diameter
- 4-polar
- Tip-size: 4 mm
- Pole spacing 2 mm, 1-4-1 mm or 2-5-2 mm
- Classic or Sigma curve types
- Curve diameter 30, 45 or 60 mm
- Usable length 80 cm or 110 cm
- Temperature sensor: thermistor or thermocouple

Download PDF: Cerablate® Easy Series