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Roesys GmbH

ROESYS is a young, medium sized company that is based in Espelkamp, Germany, a traditional location for several medical technology companies in the region of North Rhine-Westphalia. The development, manufacturing and sale of X-ray technology and modern direct radiography systems that are made in Germany are now the primary business areas of ROESYS.

ROESYS systems are used in medical practices and hospitals throughout Germany and Europe and prove their value time and again during daily use.


The radiography workstation with two stands for examinations on patients in the lying, standing and sitting positions. Operating console including all device functions, an integrated collimator and x-ray tube.

Equipped with a digital x-ray detector which has a motorised positioning system. The integrated x-ray tube is also motor-driven and can be set individually. The digital x-ray workstation offers the option for obtaining full spine and full leg images.

The digital instant picture technology with the organ-optimised image capture setting makes the workstation especially economical. The image capture occurs via software-supported and digital x-ray detectors. The image receptors are the latest generation of dose-optimised, digital flat panel detectors. The image quality stands out thanks to its exceptionally high level of brilliance and precision.

Download PDF: Injektionskanülen

X Vision Go

Mobile DR Image Acquisition

Image processing software in Digital Radiography is in addition to the physical parameters of the used detector most important for the achievable image quality and the required dose.

In our software DXRS touch we rely on an own set of complex mathematical algorithms to control the dynamic range, the multifrequency contrast enhancement and noise reduction. The result is an outstanding image quality at the lowest-possible dose usage. X Vision go makes this benefits now easy available also for your existing mobile X-ray units.

Download PDF: X Vision Go